Why Choose RelianSys?

The RelianSys® Advantage

RelianSys® is an innovative technology company. We thoroughly understand the challenges associated with governance for highly regulated sectors and industries across Australia.

Our governance software has been  implemented across a diverse range of industries such as:

  • Education
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Local Government Departments
  • State Government Departments
  • Federal Government Departments

Our wealth of knowledge and experience sets us apart from your typical software or technology company. We don’t simply develop a technical off-the-shelf one size fits all product and push it out to market.

We are experts in Australian Governance, with decades of industry experience, so industry-leading companies and or sector-leading organisations partner with us to solve their governance challenges. We sit down with them and thoroughly map out a unique solution to their challenges. Only then do we bring in the technology side, leveraging the power of automation to deliver strategic governance outcomes that are more effective, faster and more efficient, more reliable and robust. This is why our software solutions are so intuitive – they think the way you think.

The RelianSys® Advantage

Our size and focus is our key advantage. We understand what ‘Quality’ means in the context of our customer and market needs, and deliver consistently to achieve high levels of satisfaction.

Internal Expertise in Governance

At RelianSys® we don’t develop solutions and just push them out to the market. We are experts in Australian Governance, with decades of industry experience. Therefore we thoroughly understand this space and have become the ‘Go to people’ for governance solutions. We understand the way governance works – the way YOU work – and build our software to reflect your thinking. RelianSys® software thinks the way you think.

Specialist not Generalist

Unlike most software providers (selling all manner of software to all types of customer in many markets), RelianSys® does not seek to be ‘all things to all people.’ We focus solely on providing the best quality service, advice and solutions to the market niche: highly-experienced governance professionals in highly-regulated sectors. Our approach is to work with each sector that seeks to solve their governance challenges, and develop a solution that addresses their needs.

Also, we don’t just give you the automation and leave you to populate it. We provide the content you need to do the job properly. We can provide legislative monitoring and compliance registers, and delegations libraries for local government customers.

Customer-centric and Service-focused

Customers tell us the key reason they love working with RelianSys® is our exceptional customer service. In a recent interview-based survey (July 2016), 84% of customers said RelianSys® was very or exceptionally customer-centred and 90% said we were service-focused. Overwhelmingly positive feedback from Governance Managers indicated that 90% would recommend or strongly recommend our software to a friend or colleague.

Nimble and Responsive

As a business developed from a startup, we are nimble, and highly-responsive. This is reflected in our development processes designed on Agile methodology. We release upgrades every 6-8 weeks. This means the software is constantly evolving in response to customer input and feedback. Our driver is to create software that is highly-intuitive – that thinks the way our customers think. When customers request changes and improvements, they can often be made in a matter of days or weeks, rather than months or years. Most customers (84%) said RelianSys® was very or exceptionally responsive.

We are local, not global

Unlike software competitors with thousands of people in dozens of countries, RelianSys® is proudly local. Though fast-becoming a dominant national governance software provider of choice, we are entirely Australian owned, designed and developed, and hosted. We also don’t believe in off-shoring our support; so all your enquiries or service calls will be answered immediately, by a real person, in our Melbourne Office.

The customer research told us that being totally local was a key reason customers preferred dealing with RelianSys® over their other software providers; when they have a question to ask, a problem to solve or a suggestion to make, they can be sure it will also be answered immediately and actioned by someone they can relate to. There’s no waiting on hold to a call centre overseas, or months in limbo hoping for feedback from internal review processes.

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