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RelianSys® Delegations – Case Study

South Gippsland Shire Council, 2018

“RelianSys® has worked with us as partners to ensure we get the best value from the system. They are always responsive to inquiries and suggestions that we may make.”

Luke AnthonySouth Gippsland Shire Council, 2018

The Shire of South Gippsland is a local government area in south-eastern Victoria. With over 28,000 inhabitants and an area of over 3,305 square kilometres, its boundaries include the coastal areas of Venus Bay, Wilsons Promontory (the Southern tip of mainland Australia), and the northern hilly areas of Mirboo North, Korumburra and Leongatha.

In the day-to-day functioning of the governance sector at the Council, the biggest Delegations challenges faced until recently were:

  • Having to manually update Delegations Instruments

  • Not being able to update required Delegations quickly or flexibly

Earlier this year, South Gippsland Shire Council started using RelianSys® Delegations. Luke Anthony, Coordinator Risk & Procurement, has already seen the big difference it has made.

He says the best feature of the software is being able to make an update to position title or staff member, once, and have this apply automatically across all delegations. This is saving the Council significant administrative time, while reducing the likelihood of human error.

Legislative updates to delegation templates occur every six months. Before the implementation of RelianSys® Delegations, the six monthly delegation updates used to take weeks of effort and months in duration.

The implementation of RelianSys® Delegations has reduced the manual workload of conducting the six monthly update by more than half, with these updates now only taking hours of effort and days in duration. This not just saves work time which can be allocated to other important tasks, the reviews take a lot less effort as well, reducing mental workload and stress.

Luke recommends Governance Officers consider RelianSys® Delegations, and not just because of how effective the software is, but also because of the way RelianSys® look after their customers.

RelianSys® Delegations – Case Study

City of Casey, 2016

“In an era of rate capping where resources are less and time is money, if any local government wants to be efficient, then they need to explore this software, it’s as simple as that.“

Holly de Kretser & Alice WoolvenManager Governance & Governance Officer

If Delegations were a manual process, I’d quit – I wouldn’t do it! It would be so incredibly time intensive to manage different versions of spreadsheets, to get people to sign off on them, photocopying them, highlighting them, sending them through to the manager. With RelianSys, it’s all automated and I just push it through to the relevant manager to approve and then it comes back Approved or Rejected, rather than bits and pieces of paper floating around that I don’t know where they are.

Before the RelianSys system it would take two staff members two weeks to do the six-monthly updates. It was such a time-intensive and manual process with a huge amount of room for human error. Now it only takes one of us 2-3 days.

With the RelianSys system you can pick up exactly where you left off instead of working through a 400 page document and trying to remember where you got up to. Track Changes and the Approval History are really important for us – it’s very difficult sometimes to explain to managers why something has changed, when they can’t necessarily see the changes. Coming through an automated system where it hasn’t been typed out by one of us gives management greater confidence that it has come through accurately out of Maddocks, and that the content is uniform across the sector.

We found RelianSys to be open and easy to work with – working direct with the supplier is a huge part of it for us. I think knowing that they’re a locally based company gives us a lot of confidence. Any of our suggestions for improvement have always been welcome and that’s been really nice actually.

RelianSys makes it very clear for our users what they are responsible for and what they have the authority to do. There’s no other system that does this. It came quite highly recommended.

RelianSys® Delegations – Case Study

City of Tea Tree Gully, 2017

“I think RelianSys® Delegations is great value for money.”

Tanya HookTeam Leader Governance & Policy, City of Tea Tree Gully

Managing Delegations before RelianSys was a Big Risk in terms of how many documents we needed to update to keep the information accurate. Everything is now in one place, and you extract straight from the source so there’s no middle man and it’s just easy. Very easy.

RelianSys gets all the information and updates the records and we’re notified straight away about what has changed. You’ve also got the ability to add your own specific information which is fantastic.

Idle changes used to be horrendous – now just one click and it’s updated everywhere – we create an instrument, and away you go!

Any question that I’ve had of RelianSys has always been answered, and I can go direct to the technical side who can help us very quickly and I find that the turnaround is usually within 24 hours, and if it’s not, there’s some explanation or email or contact to let you know if it’s any longer for whatever reason.

RelianSys® can help your organisation take the risk, time and effort out of updating delegations resulting from organisational or legislative change.

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