Our Quality Policy

Quality means ‘giving our Customers the experience they want’.

This includes Customers’ experience of our software and products, our service, and their interactions with us.

To achieve this, we strive to think like a customer. To put ourselves in their space to think of how they would feel.  We hone our customer focus skills in our regular work within RelianSys®: the recipients of our work outcomes are our internal customers.

We deliver these outcomes through our processes and systems.  So we are committed to doing things properly.

This means:

  • Continually understanding our Customers’ needs and expectations;
  • Complying with legal requirements;
  • Having reliable processes in which waste is eliminated and risks are controlled to the extent possible;
  • Delivering the best software and products we can;
  • Making every Customer interaction with RelianSys® the best it can be;
  • Obtaining and acting on Customer feedback.

Working continually to do one thing better, we improve products, processes, efficiency and our Customers’ RelianSys® experience.