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Finally, Key Information Centralised

Think of all the organising programs you use every day. But spreadsheets, calendars and to-do lists don’t allow for the constant interruptions in your day. Then add in the question of who’s managing what and reporting to whom?

You see, most organising programs are made for a specific task, not specifically for your Governance team.

That’s why we invented RelianSys® Monitor. It helps your Organisation get things done faster because it organises those things you need to keep track of – contracts, maintenance, leases, policy reviews, deadlines and much more. All in a simple to use interface. Even deadline reminders and due dates are sent directly to your inbox.

Monitor has the power to put everything in one place.


Customise your Records

  • Organise your records by subject Registers

  • Make Custom Lists

  • Control which Users access each Register


Take detailed notes

  • Team visibility for tasks with Registers

  • See History against each item being monitored

  • Export records with ease


Track Due Dates with automated email reminders

  • Automated reminders sent straight to your inbox

  • Save time, workspace and headspace

  • Stay on top of critical tasks

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Make space to get more done in your day

  • Keep your work timely, streamlined and simple

  • See all your coming deadlines in one place

  • Organise your work day around important tasks


Store docs, PDFs, and images

  • Access files instantly

  • Eliminate risk with centralised storage

  • Never lose line of sight to important documents again

Now, you don’t have to open umpteen different programs to see key information. With one mouse click everything is in front of you – no playing around with learning new programs and keeping up with updates. Monitor does it all for you with one, easy to use interface.

Your key tasks, right in front of you, wherever you are and wherever you go.

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