RelianSys®+LexisNexis® Compliance Software

The RelianSys®+LexisNexis® Compliance software is a unique application, specially developed to bring to life the LexisNexis® legal obligations registers, so you can fully deploy the sophisticated content throughout your organisation. This powerful combination of content and automation enables you to have complete visibility that compliance is being managed into your processes and activities. You can be confident that compliance is under proper control.

With RelianSys®+LexisNexis® Compliance software you will:

Link every Obligation to a responsible person to fully deploy compliance into your organisation

Access and explore all the richness of the content easily, with the specially designed screen layouts

Easily build individual and organisational compliance profiles to identify strengths and target weak areas

Close compliance gaps quickly and effectively using the easy tasks function

Receive prompt alerts, so you never miss anything

Deliver governance reports full of insight and information

RelianSys®+LexisNexis® Compliance software is easy to deploy and use. It’s intuitive, so users will be up and running in no time at all.

It’s designed to work effectively in any size or kind of organisation covered by the LexisNexis® Compliance – Core and Industry Modules.

Ready to see how RelianSys®+LexisNexis® Compliance software can transform your compliance?

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RelianSys® is an approved software partner of LexisNexis®, delivering the LexisNexis® Regulatory Compliance legal obligations registers through RelianSys® Governance software.