Do You Want to Make the Job of Managing Delegations Registers Easy?

Do you find that keeping on top of who has power and authority to act in your organisation is a difficult, resource-intensive job?

Highly skilled people get stuck in basic administrative tasks.

Your productivity is constantly interrupted by people trying to find out their own delegations

The volume of printouts makes the approval processes a nuisance.

Identifying the delegations for a person can involve hours of manual scanning with a highlighter

This is a challenge in local government across Australia. Maintaining delegation registers using word processing software or spreadsheets requires detailed, onerous, time-consuming work.

RelianSys® Delegations Software solves this problem.

The workflow is efficient, because it automates the way you work right now

There’s no clutter and complexity – just clear, accessible information

It thinks the way you think

So it’s easy to learn and use

RelianSys® Delegations Software streamlines the onerous and complex task of creating and maintaining your Delegations Registers. It’s easy to construct and maintain your registers of the functions, powers and conditions delegated to officers. It caters for both individuals and group members. You can create your own Instruments of Delegation for all your requirements.

Our content partner arrangements give you access to trusted libraries of legislative delegations. These are available across many jurisdictions. You can tailor these with your own comments and conditions to really make them suit your situation. Regular updates mean you are confident that the system is always up to date.

Creating Instruments of Delegation is a breeze using this delegations software. You can retrieve and print up-to-date and personalised instruments of delegation in seconds. There are a range of formats to suit your own organisation.

Managing delegations has never been so easy. Tedious clerical work is a thing of the past when you use RelianSys® Delegations Software. So you can concentrate on what you do best: Managing.

RelianSys® have established Content Partner relationships with:

Delegation libraries for other jurisdictions are coming! Or if you have a specific requirement for yourself or another sector, RelianSys® can create the Delegation libraries for you.

The following Registers from Maddocks are maintained within the Delegations Module:

  • S5 Instrument of Delegation- Council to Chief Executive Officer

  • S6 Instrument of Delegation, Council to other members of Council staff

  • S7 Instrument of Delegation, Chief Executive Officer to members of Council staff

  • S12 Municipal Building Surveyor Package

  • S13 List of CEO Powers

  • S14 Instrument of Delegation by CEO for VicSmart Applications under the Planning and Environment Act 1987

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1. What’s the biggest problem RelianSys® Delegations solves for you?

The problem – needing to manually update Instruments of Delegation
The solution – increasing the ability to quickly and flexibly update delegations as required.

2. What is the best feature and biggest benefit (for you) of RelianSys® Delegations?

Being able to make an update to a position title or staff member once and have this apply automatically across all delegations.

3. How do you feel using an automated rather than a manual Delegations system?

Great, it reduces the likelihood of human error significantly.

4. Why would you recommend Delegations to Governance Officers in other Councils?

To reduce the effort, duration and risk associated with updating delegations.

5. How does it save you time and money?   e.g. One Governance Manager wrote  “It used to take me a week to update my Delegations Registers after a change of title. I do this now in 10 seconds. That’s a productivity saving of around $1,000 alone!”  Another said “I spent around three weeks after each update – that’s twice each year – creating individual Officers’ Instruments of Delegations.  I now get this instantaneously. That’s worth nearly $6,000 p.a.”

The updates every six months following the Maddocks update now only take me a matter of weeks rather than months before starting and completing the review.  It has significantly reduced the amount of effort taken to conduct this as well.

6. What has RelianSys® been like as a company to work with? Perhaps compare their customer service to other software providers?

RelianSys® has worked with us as partners to ensure we get the best value from the system and are always responsive to inquiries and suggestions that we may make.

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