Yes! We can set you up on a one-month no obligation trial of the software. This will help you to make an informed decision and make the best choice for your Organisation.

Your annual fee includes:

  • Enterprise licensing with unlimited users*
  • Provision of training to your software administrators via phone and email and where appropriate, in person
  • On-demand technical and administrative assistance from our local team during business hours
  • Free software upgrades
  • Regular backups of your data in our Hosting platform
  • Regular updates of Legislative content in your account, where online subscribed content is chosen as a purchase option, or from approved third party providers
  • Automated update and reminder emails

When you subscribe to the Delegations module we can look after the transfer into the software of your organisation’s existing Delegations registers, saving you countless hours. This incurs an additional cost.

*Online Sales of Audit and Monitor are subject to licensing limits

RelianSys® services an extensive list of customers across Australia, both regional and Metropolitan, large and small, in a range of sectors including government, education, health and human services. These and more choose and trust the RelianSys Governance Suite for their compliance, risk, audit, delegations and other Governance needs.

RelianSys is a web based cloud application, so all that is required to access is an internet connection. It is easy to set up, with interactive online help. Comprehensive and easy-to-understand manuals are provided and can be accessed online. You can talk to a real person right here in Australia to get any guidance you need.

RelianSys® uses the hosting services of Macquarie Telecom specifically because of their high integrity environment and their commitment to store all data within Australia. All data entered by you belongs to you, and can be extracted from the system.

Yes! The software has been developed for use across a range of platforms, including smartphones and tablets.

Our experienced in-house management team deliver a video conference call with you and your staff at the time of your choosing, hassle-free from our desk to yours. Join online or on your phone with only a meeting ID.

In this way we can show you the different modules in real-time, answer your important questions, show you how it works, and put your mind at ease.

Yes we do. We have in-house lawyers who monitor State and Federal legislative changes and updates, and our team regularly monitor and update the content on our software to reflect these changes, so you always have the most up to date information. We even have an automated email subscription service that notifies you about updates to key State and Federal Acts and Registers.

RelianSys Governance Suite is an accurate and reliable solution, that will save you time, give you control and increase your productivity. It is a user friendly, easy to understand and locally developed and maintained.

Yes! The Single Sign On platform is available to all clients from our secure hosting facility.

You will first need to have an active customer account in the RelianSys Governance suite. We will then need to know what Active Directory (AD) protocol you use. You may need to refer to your IT Manager for these details.

The RelianSys® policy is to be readily available to our customers when they need us. We are available via help desk request, phone (office and personal mobile) and email, and welcome your contact and feedback.

While our customers typically find the RelianSys® Governance Suite software intuitive and easy to use, we know how important it is to get up and running smoothly and quickly. We provide training online, as well as at your premises if appropriate.

Our software receives regular upgrades and enhancements across the Suite. You can expect to see releases every few months, incorporating the latest next-step developments, and ideas that are provided by our many engaged customers. There is generally no downtime associated with these updates, and they do not require you to update any software, as it is all conveniently located via the Web. Release Notes explain the changes and how they will improve your experience.

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    Absolutely. Data security is paramount to RelianSys – after all, maintaining the security and integrity of your data is a key component in any good risk management plan. Given its importance, all your data with RelianSys® is hosted locally in Australia in an ISO 27001-compliant environment by one of the country’s most-respected telecommunications providers, Macquarie Telecom. This ensures constant protection and monitoring as well as robust disaster recovery.

    Risk management is the responsibility of everyone across an organisation, not just IT experts, so RelianSys® has been designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Despite its considerable functionality, with only a few hours of training most users are able to start achieving results. This makes your implementation process much easier.

    Many of the organisations currently using RelianSys® had existing systems in place for managing their risk. However, they were paper-based, so that while they could document risks, they couldn’t dynamically analyse or create reports. In some areas, responsibility overlapped and in others there were gaps. Plans were often tied to departments or individuals – some of whom risk wasn’t a key priority. By implementing RelianSys® in their organisations they were able to take complete control over all the risk their organisation faced and ensure a complete risk management solution.

    Using RelianSys® you run a series of reports based on the information you require. You can see how your organisation is tracking against risk, compliance or keep on top of incidents such as OHS incidents. These reports are comprehensive, yet easy to read and best of all, can be run in minutes. One of our biggest clients used to take around 3 weeks to compile complex reports for their board of management; after implementing RelianSys®, they can run more comprehensive reports in minutes. This provides not only greater visibility but greater flexibility to look at the date from different perspectives.