About Us

The saying goes that good fences make for good neighbours. Equally, good governance makes for good organisations. That’s my field. What we do is give people great governance software.

For some 40 years, and now as founder of RelianSys®, I’ve explored and applied governance, from the perspectives of Quality, Risk and Compliance, into the real world of organisations.

I’m convinced that the key to good governance is through integrating strategy, culture, and process.

Getting the thinking right is the important first step. Taking this from the mechanistic to the intuitive is itself a challenge.

However, in complex organisations application can be overwhelming.

Too many people struggle with inadequate tools and poor understanding, leaving them exposed. In today’s unforgiving world, expectations have to be matched with capability.

We established RelianSys® to provide the missing component of good governance – governance software that enables strategy to be actioned, culture to be strengthened, real visibility to be obtained, and productivity to be achieved.

Literally, transforming governance.

The RelianSys® Governance Software Suite, together with online content created by our own lawyers and content partners brings these into alignment. It automates and controls the various elements of governance into one suite, with modules for Audit, Compliance, Delegations/Authorisations, Incidents, Monitor and Risk. It’s a complete governance software solution

Jeff Ryall

Managing Director