RelianSys Products & Services

RelianSys® Products and Services

RelianSys® is continually developing innovative solutions for leading companies and organisations in highly-regulated sectors. However, we also promote a number of existing products and services:


Our flagship cloud-based product: a governance platform, which provides impressive automation and productivity advantages to our customers in five separate (but inter-related) solutions:

  • Audit
  • Compliance
  • Delegations
  • Incidents
  • Risk

Regulatory and legislative monitoring

Regulatory and legislative monitoring and legislative update services, tailored to your context, ensures you are across all the relevant legislative changes you need to be aware of for both compliance management and local government delegations.

Update Bulletins covering Commonwealth and State legislation across Australia keep you on top of the ever-changing legislative landscape.

Compliance and Delegations Registers

These registers consist of up to date libraries of obligations extracted from Commonwealth and State legislation (or other source documents) are developed by our staff lawyers or sourced from partners.

These registers utilise powerful functionality in our governance platform to turn complex legislative requirements into an actionable form that can be deployed and used to construct compliance profiles and individual instruments of delegation.

Boards and Committees are also able to obtain transparent management and governance reporting of their compliance profile.

Advisory and audit services

Advisory and audit services complement these products.

When you need to know how to develop an effective management system for risk, compliance or governance, build your internal controls framework, document your governance processes, or have audit assurance, RelianSys® the experience and capability to help you achieve the very best.