Incident Management Software – Keeping you safe

Incidents can occur at any time, putting your organisation, your people, and you, at risk.

Keeping up-to-date and detailed registers of incidents in your organisation is vital.

It is mandatory to register all Occupational Health and Safety injuries or incidents. The same applies in other areas of your organisation. These include product issues, customer feedback, financial management incidents and other matters that may have an impact on your reputation. To close the loop, capture must extend to analysis, correction and improvement.

Incident management used to be difficult

Once, people used to try to manage incidents with outdated manual processes that hadn’t changed much since the 19th Century. They had to shuffle hard copy reports into files, and laboriously collate them, hoping nothing’s missed. And then try and track down who was responsible to follow up, confirm that everyone who should be notified, had been notified – it goes on and on.

No wonder it took so much effort for so little return.

Not any more.

That’s all in the past now, with RelianSys® Incident Management Software. The automation you need to manage incidents properly is now available.

Through the power of cloud technology, you can record incidents immediately, online, from any location or device. Upload Photos, audio records and other evidence you need to capture and store together. Send alerts to managers for action and follow up. In fact, the whole process is automated, so instead of running a paper trail, you can focus on fixing the problem.

You can configure most fields (such as incident and injury type and location, for example). This ensures your Incident management software is tailored to your unique situation. You can also structure this to comply with the data item lists in AS 1885.1-1990 ‘Workplace injury and disease recording standard’.

And comprehensive report menus mean you can locate incident records at any time, with any search criteria you want.

Integrate Incident Management with Risk Management.

RelianSys® Incident Management Software integrates seamlessly with RelianSys® Risk Management Software. You can link Incidents to Risks, instigate and manage corrective actions, monitor frequency more effectively, and more accurately assess the risk level.

RelianSys® Incident Management Software integrates seamlessly with RelianSys® Risk Management Software. You can link Incidents to Risks, see the size of a problem, and more accurately assess the risk level.

This added functionality to raise corrective action tasks and manage improvement projects turbocharges your incident management process. It also invigorates your risk management approach. Risk registers become dynamic, live tools to drive improvement and improve your organisation’s effectiveness.

RelianSys® Incident Management Software is designed to keep you safe. See for yourself how.

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