Compliance Management Software

Many organisations now operate in complex regulatory environments. Compliance management is more challenging than ever. Globally, regulation is constantly expanding, accompanied by penalties. This makes compliance management a major strategic risk.

The problem is complex

Compliance management has been hindered by the lack of a simple, complete compliance management software product, an application that:

  • Tells you what you have to do.
  • Ensures effective deployment so everyone takes responsibility.
  • Tells you when you comply – and don’t comply, so you can do something about it.
  • And supports AS 3806 Compliance programs requirements.

RelianSys® Compliance Management Software takes the pain out of compliance management. It works in all types of organisations, from the smallest to those with hundreds of staff. It perfectly meshes AS 3806 Compliance programs requirements into your organisation.

This takes you to a new level of control, and enables you to:

  • Keep up to date with all your external compliance requirements.
  • Efficiently control all your internal compliance obligations.
  • Be sure these obligations are being properly managed.
  • Obtain reports that show your compliance status.

How it works

RelianSys® Compliance Management Software consists of two integrated parts: your choice of Legislative Compliance Registers, delivered through a cloud-based software application. They are combined in a way that at last puts you in control of compliance. This innovation fully automates compliance management.

It achieves what no other product does.

Legislative Compliance Registers provide the detailed Obligations contained in Acts and Regulations. They are automatically delivered right to your desktop. You can see exactly what is required without the need for further investigation, all collected in one place. You are up-to-date, so you can confidently focus your compliance efforts on the things that matter. Forget the workload and expense of reviewing volumes of ever-changing legislation. It’s done for you.

RelianSys® Compliance Management Software then enables you to assign responsibility for each obligation. It’s the basis of a positive assurance that compliance management is effective, and maintained.


In the past you had to rely on superficial and subjective self-assessment. Now, you are able to go well beyond what used to pass for compliance management. It’s replaced by reliable, transparent and auditable internal review.

With RelianSys® Compliance Management Software, reports that used to be impossible to obtain can now be retrieved in seconds. For the first time, your true compliance profile will be visible. You can examine this for particular legislation, by department or user – or any combination of these, and more.

The board, audit committees, the and senior management will be fully informed. They will know the compliance profile for both external legislative requirements, and internal requirements. You can at last have full confidence in your compliance status.

So you will also be able to say:

We are now able to provide our Board with compliance reports they have never seen before!

Easy to use

RelianSys® Compliance Management Software has been developed over many years in response to customers’ needs and input. That’s why it is so easy to navigate, use and get reports. And that’s exactly what our customers tell us:

  • I can’t believe that managing compliance can be so straight forward. This program makes it so easy.
  • It’s really intuitive and easy to use.
  • Once you’ve implemented, it just fits into your regular work.
  • I can see this will make it really easy for our tracking and internal auditing.

You too can be up and running, managing your compliance obligations, in no time at all.

Choose the option that’s right for you

Every organisation is unique. That’s why RelianSys® Compliance Management Software is available in options, and pricing structures, to suit any organisation. You can move easily between options at any time.

Lite Option

The Light Option provides the powerful search capability of RelianSys®. You can search the whole database of legislative compliance registers by keyword, legislation, section or other combinations. This gives you instant access to the most up to date compliance information. All search results are fully exportable, so they can be shared, filed or analysed later.

Standard option

The gives you the economy of user licensing. This is suitable for small organisations, or larger organisations with centralised compliance management approaches, or during the early implementation period. Standard delivers the benefit of automated reminders and alerts of changes, together with the reporting capability you need to pro-actively manage compliance.

Enterprise option

The Enterprise option is suitable for wide deployment, and in larger organisations. The full depth of compliance management and reporting capability is available.

We also have options that are tailored to help you meet specific compliance management requirements. These include the Victorian Disability sector, the Victorian OHS Act and Regulations, and the WA Local Government (Audit) Regulations 1996 Section 13 Compliance Audit return.

RelianSys® Compliance Management Software is the essential complement to your AS 3806 Compliance program. Click here to see how.

Isn’t it time you put compliance in its place, so you can get on with running the organisation? See for yourself how you can meet your compliance challenge.

Download the RelianSys® Compliance Brochure and Contact us for a product demonstration.