Governance Software that thinks the way You think.

“Compliance is at once a legal requirement, a reputational risk management strategy, an ethical imperative and an unavoidable operational expense.” (1)

Good governance doesn’t just happen. It’s an ongoing challenge to know you are on top of risk and compliance management. And it has never been more important.

Having the tools to do this used to be the roadblock.

Not anymore. Advent ManageR® Governance Software solves this problem.



automationFirst, Advent ManageR® Governance Software automates risk, compliance, delegations and incident management. It takes modern knowledge of how to handle these, and integrates it into the software. It’s a governance software that does the thinking for you. It enables you to be a more efficient manager.

RegistersSecond, Delegations and Legislative Compliance Registers deliver the law to you, in a form you can action. At lastyou have a complete solution in one product. We keep the Registers up to date for you, which means you don’t have to work out what you need to do. This releases you to actually manage governance, properly. It enables you to be a more effective manager.

ServicesThird, you have access to our depth of advisory, training and audit services that strengthens your knowhow.  You have the assurance that risk and compliance issues are properly and efficiently managed.

For the first time, it’s all available in one integrated solution that’s ISO 31000 and AS 3806 compliant.

Advent ManageR® Governance Software streamlines the complexities of risk and compliance management. Instead of complexity, you create simple tasks. You can then assign them across your organisation for action and control.  You’ll run comprehensive reports in seconds. This delivers a direct line of sight into your governance processes.  You’ll have a clear snapshot of how your organisation is tracking.  It offers all the automation tools you’d expect.

Advent ManageR® puts you complete control of the risk and compliance management challenges your organisation faces.  All packed into one comprehensive and easy-to-use governance software solution.

Advent ManageR Presentation

See how you can take your governance from good to great, with software that thinks the way You think.  Read some more about the Advent ManageR® Governance Software suite, and contact us for an online product demonstration.


(1) “The Ongoing and Formidable Challenge of Compliance-Predictions for 2014”, W. Badger, J. Skornik & C. Straiter, Interactive Intelligence Inc. 2013